Rising Heroes Students Presents


Engaging, inspirational, fun-filled

Join us for an online get-together and learn about important social issues in a fun way.

Help your children to become aware of several social issues and be inspired by young heroes their age, in a fun manner.



That's right. Each of our contractors has been certified for over 10 years.



We love what we do and it shows in our work, and on the faces of our employees.



It's your dream, we're here to help you make it. No egos included.


Its okay not to be okay

A kid show where your children can learn about Mental Health while having fun.

Join us and learn with Fun Games, Quizzes, Stories, Comics and much more,

27th August Thurs 12 PM UK / 9 PM Sydney

6th September Sun 12 PM UK/ 9 PM Sydney


Racism Rangers

An inspiring and fun filled workshop for kids to understand and discuss about Racism in an engaging and learning manner.

Register now to learn and discuss about Racism and also have fun with Puppet Shows, Plays, Stories, Games, Experience Sharing and much more.

27th August Saturday 10 PM UK / 7 PM Sydney

29th August Saturday 8 PM UK / 5 PM Sydney

5th September Saturday 9 PM UK / 6 PM Sydney

Recycling Olympics

A fun filled get together for children where you will have fun and learn about recycling.

Games, Quizzes, Kahoots, Recycling Races, Learn to create new things , and much more

24th August Mon 9 AM UK / 6 PM Sydney

25th August Tues 5:15 PM EST / 2:15 PM PST

31st August Mon 9 AM UK / 6 PM Sydney

Homeless Rescuers

A fund raising show for helping and learning about Homeless people, filled with fun activities, plays, games, speeches and much more.

A great role model for kids on how to raise fund for important causes!!

Learn, help and have fun in this activity filled workshop for kids.

25th August Tues 12 PM UK / 9 PM Sydney

Rising Hope

Join us on this Powerful Show for increasing hope among people in these difficult times.

Learning examples from Stories of Prophets and their companions, Games, Quizzes and much more

23rd August Sun 8 AM Sydney / 22nd August 6 PM EST

29th August Sat 8:15 AM Sydney / 28th August Fri 6:15 PM EST

China's Secret

An engaging and learning program to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by Uighur Muslims in China.

24th August Mon 4:30 PM PST/ 7:30 PM EST

25th August Tue 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST