Fun tafsir vidoes, to make it easy for you, to fulfil your responsibility towards your children and fill their hearts with the light of Quran!

Tafsir Package For Kids 

"And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember? " 54:17

How many prayers have your children prayed without understanding the greatness of what they have recited? How many more are they going to pray like this?


Help your children connect with the surahs of the Quran they often recite in salah, with this fun and inspiring videos of this tafsir package. Just play 1 before they go for prayer, a short but powerful dose of EMAAN! 


What is the state of your child's connection with the Quran? Does it humble their heart? Or is it just boring to them? Are their hearts softened by it or are they already starting to harden up?

What could be more empowering, more strengthening than the Quran, to help your children face the temptations, the struggles of this life?  

Empower your children with the power of the word of Allah

Videos you will get

  • Bismillah Video
  • Surah Naas Tafsir Video 
  • Surah Falaq Tafsir Video 
  • Surah Ikhlaas Tafsir Video 1 


Further on understanding Ikhlaas 

  • Surah Ikhlaas Video 2 - A companions inspiration story of sincerity 
  • Surah Ikhlaas Video 3 - Three ways to maintain sincerity Surah Lahab Tafsir Video 
  • Surah Kafiroon Video 1 
  • Surah Kafiroon Video 2 - Encouraging kids to be proud to be a muslims . A great video for any kid who feels different at school  
  • Surah Maun Tafsir Video 1 
  • Surah Maun Tafsir Video 2 - Importance of balance rights of Allah and rights of creation  
  • Surah Kauthar Tafsir Video 
  • Surah Fil Tafsir Video  
  • Surah Layl Tafsir Video 
  • Surah Layl Video 2- An inspirational story of Abu Bakr(r.a.a)  
  • Surah Iqra Part 2 Tafsir Video (Covering the second part of the Surah) - A great lesson on dealing with bullies  
  • Surah Takathur Tafsir Video 1 
  • Surah Takathur Tafsir Video 2 - Reality of life  
  • Surah Asr Video 1- Regret 
  • Surah Asr Video 2- Importance of time.  
  • Surah Inshirah Video 1  
  • Surah Inshirah Video 2 - (With hardship comes ease) 
  • Surah Inshirah Video 3 
  • Surah Inshirah Video 4 - Dealing with hardships

Plus powerful free bonuses

  • Flash games to help remember common arabic words 
  • Being Invincible Video (~45 Mins) (Worth $25) 
  • Memories Of RasulAllah(saws) eBook (Worth $25) Only with Full Buy Option  
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A resource you must not let your children miss out on!

“"My name is Shazirah Bt Ismail and I have five 5 kids age 10 years old, 8 years old, 6 years old, 3 years old and 1 years old. Im from Malaysia. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity give to be part of this as we not only enjoying the beautiful videos but we also enjoying our time together as a family. May Allah make it easy for us to benefit from this programme. Jazakillahu khyar sis Ariba for setting up this course and we are looking forward to watch more videos. And and may Allah reward you abudantly sis Ariba for your amzing effort and hardwork. " Alhamdulillah I feel blessed. :-)"  


“Amazing course!! My son has started to pray more regularly . Well done Ariba and thankyou”  

Farah , UAE

“Emaan Power has built my son's confidence in Islam and also, all courses have made me easier to move forward teaching him about all he needs in Islam by myself. May Allah SWT grant you rewards in jannah. Aameen. ”  

Purwanti, New Zealand

“MashAllah! Allah has blessed Ariba with this talent of sparking passion in our young generation to recognize and love Allah. My kids have benefitted tremendously from her courses and videos"  

Mamuna, Canada

“This is the second course my son has taken with Eman Power. It's surely is Eman boosting, & to learn in a new & easy way! I recommend all parents to sign up with Eman Power. ”  

Rubi, UK

““This course has been hugely beneficial for my son who is now Addicted to Emaan Power and eagerly awaiting the next course ( an Addiction I have no complaints about :-)”  

Sajida, UK

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