NO MORE silly cartoons & tv shows which LIMIT your children's potential and intelligence, and fill their young minds with all kinds wrong values, and are slowly moulding their character into the mould of shaitan

Fun tafsir vidoes, to make it easy for you, to fulfil your responsibility towards your children and fill their hearts with the light of Quran!


How many prayers have your children prayed without understanding the greatness of what they have recited? How many more are they going to pray like this?


Help your children connect with the surahs of the Quran they often recite in salah, with this fun and inspiring videos of this tafsir package. Just play 1 before they go for prayer, a short but powerful dose of EMAAN! 

25+ Videos with powerful lessons from following Surahs 


7 things your children can not lose on

1) Fun, practically oriented, empowering tafsir videos, helping your children love learning and LIVING the message of Quran  

2) A perfect mould of Quran to help your children shape their personalities as they grow older in this age of rampant and open sins  

3) A practical guide, a light to help them see clearly right from wrong, even when there is entire world around them maybe deceived in darkness  

4) An opportunity to strengthen your children, so they are strong enough to say NO when presented with temptations that most children WILL fall under  

5) Powerful daily dose of Quran for your children to regularly benefit from the Quran  

6) Increase your children in their natural love for the Allah(swt) Your children are born to love Allah(swt), and the Quran will strengthen that love in their hearts.  

Whatever maybe the temptations, whether it is games, bad friends, brands, fashion, music, Quran has the power to bring your children out of it. Quran has the power to remove these ills from their hearts and replace it with the love for the word of Allah(swt).  

7) Bond with your children over Quran - You are the best teacher for your child, these videos will give you a great way to regularly learn together with them, have great discussions and develop a much stronger bond. Videos are short and can be watched on any device, making it super convenient for busy parents and children.  

Watch on the phone, ipad, you can watch while going to school, a great start to the morning, while having dinner, just 5 mins everyday to change your children's life!  

Moreover, these action oriented practical videos, tackling everyday issues in a child's life are a perfect gift from you to your child! 

This is Sadaqa Jariya So if you are afraid to invest, just remember that, Allah(swt) will replace it to you many folds. Invest with the most sincere intentions today for the benefit of your children. As they continue grow older so fast, they need the mould of Quran to devleop a character that will bring the success in THIS world and THE NEXT!  

"Will I have time to watch these?"

"I am not sure if my kids will watch it"

The videos are short 5-15 mins. 

You can watch them on the phone, iPad

Watch them while droping them to school, in the morning giving them a powerful start toe the day with the Quran!

Watch them during dinner, and start a great conversation with the children. The videos are very practical and talk about issues that children maybe going through right now, so it can help you start up a great conversation with your children and use the content of the video as guide to help them in their problems

Can you spare 5-10 mins everyday or every other day or even just on weekends to give this powerful message of the Quran to your children?

Isn't this the greatest knowledge you can give to them?

Although most kids love these videos, but there few children whose hearts have been too far from the Quran for too long and hence they don't want it. But remember they are children, their hearts are stil purer and more inclined to Allah(swt). All they probably need is a little direction, a little cleaning of the heart and then they will also turn to love the Quran. So ya, the first few steps fo you maybe hard, you might have to get them to sit and learn even if they are not inclined to. But soon its going to become easier, soon they will being to love the Quran as they are naturally inclined to. But if you give up now, then know for sure it is not going to become any easier, only harder and harder and harder as they grow older.

Would you let your children forget about their homework everyday because they don't feel like doing it? Then how can we let them skip understanding the Quran?

I am not at all for pushing education on children, I want them to love learning, I want them to want to learn.

We must never bore them with education, but reach their hearts with love. 

But unfortunately these days many of the children are too immersed into all kinds of temptations and deceptions to even realise what they actually love. We have to help them come back to the reality and be able to see clearly. So if you need to make them sit, just for 5 mins everyday, then make them sit, it won't be long before they are rushing to sit by themselves to bond with the Quran Insha'Allah

"I can't afford it"

Do you want a higher quality education for your children?  

If yes, then YOU HAVE to make it happen. YOU HAVE to invest in this.  

You cannot rely on other people's donationations or efforts to do that, you have to invest in it to make help your children

Can you afford losing your children to the temptations that surround them?

How can we expect a child to be strong against all kinds of temptations pulling them today. All kind of evil that is made to seem good to them today whether it be zina, fornification, homosexulaity, making girlfriends and boy friends. How will they be strong enough to say NO when these temptations attack them?

Quran is our only and our strongest hope

This is the knowledge that will give them the power the strength to say NO, even when everyone else is saying Yes

This will guide them to light even if everything around them is dark 

Can you afford losing the akhira of you children?

Is it worth $73 for your child to understand and connect with just 1 ayah of the Quran?

And here you are getting so many...

Is it worth $73 to take an action that will earn paraidse for you and your children?

If you are still afraid to invest in the future of your children, then remember this is Sadaqa Jariya

That Allah(swt) will multiply for you many many times more.

So what are you really afraid of losing? 

100% money back gurantee

If for any reason you are not happy, you can get a full refund right away. My mission is to benefit you and your children and if this package doesn't do that, then I don't want your money. You can keep it. 

So there is absolutely no risk for you, you either invest in it and benefit or you don't like it and get all your money back!



Alhamdulillah , I'm so pleased to embarked on this journey with sister Ariba. This course has impacted my daughter on various levels, on how to contribute as an individual , as a family member and also be instrumental in improving society. The highlight being the Dawah project, in shaa Allah we intend to continue on that path. Subhan Allah , sister Ariba managed to educate and instill values in our children while all along they were having fun. My daughter really used to look forward to those weekly session, and she really misses them now. In shaa Allah we hope to get on a new journey with you sister. May Allah swt reward you in deen duniya and aakhirah , Aameen. JazakiAllah khairun 

Sameena, USA

"Definitely one of the best courses I have ever taken. The basic vocabulary, interactive live videos, sunnah competition and much more make this a fun and engaging course for kids of all ages." 

Tarik, 13 yrs Old 

It was really fun and interactive for me to interact with other people around the world and working together. My teacher (Ariba) is kind and acknowledges what we think during the lesson. I like the way she conducts the class.' 

Iman, UK 

"It is fun, the teacher is very friendly and the learning experience isn't a boring just listen class but it is interactive." 

Zain, USA 

This course have done a great job in inspiring the kids to be more active and feel proud to be a Muslim as well as take the responsibility to show others how to achieve a higher goal in life rather than being just an ordinary Muslim & wasting time not being productive . 

Sabera Ali, UAE

This is a brilliant course,my son has learnet alot about our prophet。Every week my son was so eagar to join the class,as it was interactive and Ariba is a great teacher,making the class fun and enjoyable. The Sunnah competion and daawa project really motivates the children to do some thing physical but at the same time increases their love for the prophet. 

 Thank you Ariba for running this course,we will look forward to future courses. 

Farina , UK

Great experience, very engaging and opens up kids thinking process and problem solving. Very safe and friendly atmosphere. Appreciate your willingness to work with them without judging them yet letting them ask questions to open up their minds

Onaisa, Canada

I found this to be one of the most exciting religious thing we did for our kids, they had good time, they were motivated to attend the classes and participate in the activities. 

Khan Family, Bermuda

Now he wants to learn more and more abt rasool Allah ,previously being away from our Islamic roots he wasn't in touch if I could say didn't know abt rasool Allah would be better , now he has better knowledge Masha Allah and for me is like the happiest Mother in the world to see him watching and enjoying the company and live conversation , pray from heart for u and ur team keep it up ..

Ayisha, Canada

This is a brilliant course,my son has learnet alot about our prophet。Every week my son was so eagar to join the class,as it was interactive and Ariba is a great teacher,making the class fun and enjoyable. The Sunnah competion and daawa project really motivates the children to do some thing physical but at the same time increases their love for the prophet. 

Farina, UK

I would like to recommend the course for children to improve their knowledge, make new friends, have a better understanding of their deen and practice sunnah

Sabeeha Bakshi, Australia

Alhamdulillah Emaan Power is like finding a lost treasure for my kids! I never came across anything as interactive & informative as this course!! Looking forward to much more learning for kids in the future inshaAllah. 

Fareeha Tariq

Emaan Power is the best! Best investment ever Alhamdulillah! 


Ariba Farheen has shown herself to be a fantastic teacher. She is wonderful at engaging the kids and giving them information in a way that they can relate to and remember. I highly recommend her classes and intend to continue registering for future events. 

Sherry (Safiye) , USA

Amazing course!! My son has started to pray more regularly and tries to incorporate more sunnah in his daily life. Well done Ariba and thank you!

Farah , UAE

I was first worried if my daughter will sit through and pay attention to sister Areeba. I was very happy that my daughter actually enjoyed it. She learned and implemented many things thought in class. She looked foreword it every week. 

Samia Khan , Hong kong

We have done a number of the Emaan Power courses and the boys have enjoyed all of them Alhamdulillah. The courses are interesting, relevant and fun. The courses provide kids the opportunity take on projects within their communities to benefit the ummah at large. The course, science in the Kingdom of Allah taught kids to recognise their Creator, His Greatness and His Power. 

Sohret, Australia

This is the second course my son has taken with Eman Power. It's surely is Eman boosting, & to learn in a new & easy way! I recommend all parents to sign up with Eman Power. I personally feel you should consider doing adult classes too, as I've also benefited from the course along with my son Jazzak'Allah'Khair for sharing your knowledge on Islam. 

Rubi , UK

It was an amazing course kids learned a lot and projects were like icing on the cake especially last homework in which kids made scrape books presentations and lovely animation videos That helped them reminding all of the lesson and what did they learn from it 

Shomaila , UK

Emaan Power has built my son's confidence in Islam and also, all courses have made me easier to move forward teaching him about all he needs in Islam by myself. May Allah SWT grant you rewards in jannah. Aameen. 

Purwanti, New Zealand

Another outstanding course by Emaan Power. This has been extremely beneficial in helping the children realise and take responsibility towards protecting the environment. And also more aware of their responsibility to help the less fortunate through the well project. 

Sajida, Scotland

Alhumdolilah you are a great mentor for my kids. They love the way you teach and present. They Alhumdolilah talk to you informally, what ever question they have in mind, and you present the answer very well to their queries. 

Farheen, UAE

It was really fun and interactive for me to interact with other people around the world and working together. My teacher (Ariba) is kind and acknowledge what we think during the lesson. I like the way she conducts the class.'

Iman, Student, UK

Wonderful classes! You don't know what your missing out on!

Yusef, Student, Australia

This class was a really good step in my sons knowledge and Ariba was very patient with trying to get him involved although it was quite challenging due to my sons learning difficulties as it would with any program I'm really pleased my son attended masha'Allah 

Umm Bradey, Australia

This class bring the islamic teaching into practice and help the child adopt islamic beleives and way of life without even trying or feeling "different" It inculcates the basic values of life in them and gave them a new respect for islam as the best way of life. Muneer really learned about Rasullulah SAW and gained a new respect for him SAW and the companions. 

Swalehah Khouratty, USA