Want your kids to be responsible for their salah and love their meeting with Allah(swt), so they can be protected everyday through it?

The powerful inspirational BOOK and BONUS SHORT COURSE for children to motivate them to establish salah, take responsibility for it, and develop a strong connection with Allah through it

discover the power of salah


Alhamdulillah NOW my kids understand the importance of prayers and I do not have to remind them to pray, they actually wait for the adhan so they can pray"

— Sana Aftab, USA



Page count: 201 Age group: 8 to 15  
Parents can read it to kids younger than 8 and assist them in understanding it

What is it worth for you to raise a Muslim whose forehead will be shining on the day of judgment with the mark of sujood.

Because YOU taught them to love salah... 

not just nagged them to pray day and night like most parents do, driving them further away from deen, making them see salah as a burden they end up abandoning when they grow older

If you are a parent who believes that in salah lies the success of my child and my parenting, then this a must have book for you.  

Unlike hundreds of books out there that teach us how to pray, this book inspires children to love their salah, it motivates them by helping them know the true essence of salah.    

My name is Ariba Farheen and I am the author of Discover the power of salah book 

For the past 15 years, I have been blessed to teach and inspire thousands of children across the world.  

Great epidemic spreading among our kids

Over the years there is one great epidemic I see spreading through the children of our ummah… laziness in salah

So many children see it as a BURDEN, as an INTERRUPTION.  

Many only pray to get it over with, just to please their parents, not Allah(swt) 

On the other hand moms are increasingly growing frustrated, worried, sad, and guilty seeing the poor condition of their children.  

How will I answer Allah?  

If my children don’t understand the importance of prayer today, then how will they prioritise it when they are older? 

Will they pray when I am not there to remind them

What about their connection with Allah(swt)? 

Have I failed in conveying the essence of salah to my children?

When they look for resources, they can’t find much that motivates children. 

Discover the power of salah book has  already motivated hundreds of children and transformed the way they their salah 


Secret behind motivation

In order for us to be motivated, to be inspired to do anything we must know why, we must feel that why, the why is what inspires us. 

This is the only book in the world, in English, that answers this question in this manner that hundreds of children around the world are already loving. 

It doesn’t dumb down the content for children, thinking they can’t understand, rather it takes the researched gems from the Quran and authentic hadithsthat even inspire adults   

Conveys them to children in a way that they can connect and relate   

It doesn’t preach to them like an adult rather talks to them at their level, makes them think on their own and deduce on their own so they are self-motivated to take action on their own 

"It uses analogies and  anecdotes, to convey the deep meanings to children, from the great wisdom of the words of Allah and RasulAllah(saws), so they can finally benefit from the greatest advice and begin to truly love their salah

It inspires them through the stories to set great role models and set their salah standards high by comparing it when them instead of sinking low looking their peers who maybe lacking themselves. 

“My son has learned to turn to Allah and put his head down and pray his sunnah prayers and asks to make things easier for him and our family” Pari Wassie (California, US) 

 “This book is helping my children to pray Salah  without reminding them, and they understand the importance of Salah more than before. Alhamdulilah.”  Halima Momtaj 

 "To my biggest surprise, today he offered his Dhuhr prayer on his own without any reminder” Sadia Sultan from Canada 

“My daughter wakes for fajr on her own!” Asma Pervez from UK 

Discover the Power of Salah review

"Can a book really transform my child?"

A book that you and I love, for centuries has been transforming the hardest of hearts - The Quran!

All this book does is use the same ayahs of that same book, the words and stories of the greatest teacher of humanity and his companions and finally explain them to children in a way that they can relate to in their context

More than anyone else, we Muslims know that knowledge is power, it can enlighten the hearts and transform them

This book will finally enlighten the hearts of your children so they can transform into Muslims you always dreamed they would become

If today you are doubting, that can this book really impact my child... then let me ask you..

Are you doubting the power of knowledge? Or are you underestimating your own child?

DIscover the Power of Salah

Can you really afford to wait till they are older?

Do u really want to wait till they are older to understand the significance of salah on their own, and until then continue having daily stress over salah?  

Don’t deny it to them for any reason, especially not to save a few dollars.

On one hand here is a book that can change the direction of your child’s life and on the other is some money.  

What do you choose? What is worth more to you?

What one will open the path to success for your children?

Money or this book? 

Discover the Power of Salah

What would their life be if they understand today what you learned later in your life? 

If this book does not help you, you may have lost some money 

But if it does help you, like it has already helped hundreds of families 

Then the pleasure you will get, the reward you will earn, the sakinah that you will feel 

Can you ever, ever even put a price tag on what this was worth for you? 

Come to salah, come to success

Salah is the success of your child, in this world and the next 

"Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds and establish prayer and give zakah will have their reward with their Lord, and there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve." 2:277


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One day when you leave your child, leave this world, knowing that they are holding tight to salah 

Will there be anything that gives you more peace then the thought that they are holding tight to their salah? 

They meet their rabb 5 times a day, all of their hardships, their desires, they submit to him 5 times a day.  

As they grow older, no matter where they are in life, would anything give you more peace than knowing Allah(swt) that they are guided by their Rabb. Allah (swt) is with them! 

Is your child worth this investment? Is it their salah worth these few dollars for you? 

Today, the choice is yours! 

So make the right one and get the book right now and invest in your child’s true success in this world and the next. 

Inside Of This NEW Best Selling Book... Here Are A Few Of The Powerful Gems You'll Discover!

  • ​Love their salah, their meeting with their Rabb
  • Motivate them to take responsibility of their own salah
  • ​Inspire them to pray on time, without delay, without needing constant reminders
  • ​Understand the powerful benefits that our salah brings in our life 
  • ​Understand the benefits of praying early and the dangers of delaying salah 
  • ​Defence of the sunnah prayers for your fardh prayers
  • ​True stories of today's children, with inspiration to pray at school even if it seems too hard
  • ​Salah as an armour against the traps of shaitan
  • ​Rushing like adiyat, the war horses towards salah out of gratitude to Allah (swt)
  • Destroying excuses that shaitan uses to make us delay or leave salah, with analogies from time machines to car races
  • ​"Why do I have to wake up soo early for Fajr" - Powerful analogies and understanding of the power of Fajr and hadiths to inspire them
  • ​Learn to see salah as an act of love and see the love of Allah swt in this incredible gift.
  • ​Understand that Allah (swt) has no need for our salah

Filled with over 200 pages which not only inspire children but even adults - 

  • ​Examples that children today can relate
  • Stories that they can relate with and be inspired
  • ​Friendly language that helps children feel like they are talking to a friend 
  • ​In depth knowledge about salah, told in a fun and engaging manner
  • Simplified complex concepts mentioned in the Quran with ease for children
  • Analogies that will help them understand deep concepts about the power of salah that Quran and sunnah teach us
  • ​Several hadiths about salah explained through brilliantly crafted analogies, stories and examples, so your children can be motivated by the example and advice of RasulAllah(saws)
  • Thought provoking questions to encourage children think on their own and come to the right conclusions for self motivation
  • Funny and relatable writing from emojis, to examples of car races, armour, time machines, horses, space rockets and so much more...



I started it with my kids two weeks back as a bedtime storybook and I had a little hope in improving our prayers especially fajr. But after just having three to four readings of the book my kids and even I, have started to wake up for fajr all of a sudden. Even my kids woke me up for fajr twice which I think is a miracle.

-Mariam A., USA

A mom just like you and now her kids understand why Salah is so important for their life.


It has made the concepts of daily prayers so clear to my kids. The book explains the reason WHY we should pray on a level that children understand!

- Wardah H.

How amazing is it when they PROCRASTINATING AND WASTING TIME!


Your book inspired my daughter. Alhamdulillah,

she prays five times a day

without delaying prayer times.

- Tahmina K.

How incredibly beautiful is it to see this self motivation in your child!


When we face difficult times now thanks to you my son has learned to turn to Allah and put his head down and pray his sunnah prayers and ask to make things easier for him and our family.

- Pari W.

Create wonderful moments and bond over the love for salah


My husband read it out loud so everyone could enjoy it together and we then discussed what we learned from the story as a family. It was a wonderful experience.

- Satna UK.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today!

  • Discover the power of salah BOOK 
  • FREE Bonus #1 Loving Salah Motivation Video Course For Kids
  • FREE Bonus #2 1yr Membership to BOOK CLUB
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Discover the power of Salah
Discover the Power of Salah
Discover the Power of Salah
discover the power of salah
Discover the Power of Salah
Discover the power of Salah
Discover the Power of Salah
Discover the power of salah
Discover the power of salah
Discover the power of salah
Discover the power of Salah
Discover the power of salah
Discover the power of Salah

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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today!

  • Discover the power of salah BOOK 
  • FREE Bonus #1 Loving Salah Motivation Video Course For Kids
  • FREE Bonus #2 1yr Membership to BOOK CLUB
  • ​​​FREE Bonus #3 Free Shipping Worldwide


Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Today!

  • Discover the power of salah BOOK 
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Ariba Farheen
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