How to help children to understand & honor mothers & develop a good relationship with Allah(swt) through her.

Ariba Farheen - Founder Emaan Power 

Creator of My Guide To My Mother's Heart, Enter My paradise, Tafsir for kids, Company of RasulAllah, Science In The Kingdom of Allah and more Author of children's books such as - Discover the power of salah, Moments from the life of RasulAllah, 15 ways to develop khushu, Ettiquites of learning

Please note, this is webinar is for mothers of older children 8-15, if you have younger children this may not be for you.  

Do you want to be the reason for your children to be honored on the day of judgment?  

Then make sure you attend this webinar to learn : 

  • How to help your child understand and empathise with you 
  • 10 secrets every child must know about their mothers 
  • 4 fundamentals that form a framework of teaching children to respect parents 
  • How a child's relationship with his/her mother, shapes his/her relationship with Allah(swt) 
  • Why a child who dishonors their mother will never develop a good relationship with Allah(swt) 
  • How can you help your child give you the rights that are due to you 
  • How can you help your child feel secure and loved, boosting their self esteem