Give the guide to your heart to your children, help them understand better the depth of your love for them and feel truly blessed and loved, inspire them to be the one that reaches jannatul firdaus through you

Do you want to save your child, from sinking into the low standards of respect for parents, that they see in the world today and among their peers? Then this is the knowlegde you need to give them, which schools and their environment is not giving them

  • Understanding & Empathising with Mother 
  • Inspirational examples 
  • Power of Quran and Saheeh Hadith 
  • Know her status 

30+ videos, activities & competitions for children, be part of a community students aspiring to honor their 

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Topics we cover 

Here is a brief overview of what issues we address in the videos such as 

  • Managing anger and aggression 
  • Negative feelings and bad assumptions about mothers, such as "She doesn't love me", "She only loves my brother/sis" etc 
  • The "Its not fair" attitude 
  • Answering the attitude of "Its their job to raise me" 
  • Addressing the attitude - complaining, whining statements such as --"My parents don't get me anything" 
  • Many more videos addressing the topic of arguing and talking back from different angles
  • Why does she get so angry? Helping children understand your expectations from them and focusing on understanding "WHY" their actions cause you so much pain, causing you to lash out 
  • Helping mom doing chores
  • Being patient with siblings 
  • What to do if I feel my mom is wrong and I am right? 
  • Etiquette of arguing your point with parent 
  • Being responsible 
  • Long term thinking vs short term thinking 
  • Addressing the attitude of "I already know it" "I know better than her" 
  • Answering the attitude of "I don't owe her anything" 
  • Answering the attitude of "Mom mom doesn't deserve good treatment from me, she is very bad to me" 
  • What does it mean to lower the wing of humility? 
  • What if mom interrupts me while I am doing something?(includes Inspirational story about leaving everything to do chores) 
  • Understanding nagging 
  • Importance of smiling for a mother 
  • Why is it not possible to repay a mother?? 
  • Scientific facts about how a child effects mother's brain 
  • Get the strength and inspiration to leave your desires for your mother 
  • Get your duas answered 
  • Too much complaining for things 
  • Thanking mom and thanking Allah, whats the connection? 
  • The home team, working as a team at home 
  •  and even more........ 

Anger Management

Effects of anger on our mind, body and actions. How to control anger.

Helping mom 

An incredible story of an incredible man, who knew that when mom asks to do a chore then he must leave everything!! 

Actions speak louder 

Actions speak louder than words. What are our actions telling our mothers? What if your mom only said I love you but never showed in her actions? 

Wing of Humility 

Addresses the attitude of -"I already know it" True story of Abu Hanifa. Explaining what it really means to lower our wing of humility.  

I am not a baby anymore

Kids are always eager to grow up. Being responsible is a great sign to show all the adults that - "I am not a baby anymore!" 

Mother's Brain and Nagging 

Helping children understand why mom's nag and importance of taking on responsibility 

Man Who Carried his Mother Why does she overreact 

Story of the man who carried his mother for tawaf. 

Why does she overreact 

This video helps them understand mother's feelings and why sometimes she gets more angry than anyone else would. 

Negative thoughts 

How shaitan uses the trick of negative feelings to build resentment in our hearts towards those we love..from mothers to Allah!

Mom its not fair 

This video addresses the feeling of "Its not fair" Helping them understand some of the reasons why you take decisions, importance of working as team at home, and trusting their mothers 

 Talking back 

Deeply moving video talking about her sacrifices and the effects of our words and rude behavior on her. 

Be like a war horse 

Allah uses the example of war horses in the Quran. If we can't even beat the horse in showing gratitude to our mother's than how will we ever truly even begin to show gratitude to Allah(swt). 

Mom its not fair

This video addresses the feeling of "Its not fair" Helping them understand some of the reasons why you take decisions, importance of working as team at home, and trusting their mothers 

Sarah's accident 

Why can't we repay our mother? This video through a short story explains exactly why we can never be even with our mothers. 

A miracle

A incrdible true fact about mother's love to help your children feel secure about your love.

 "Why always me"

Another video on the topic of feeling "Its not fair"

Negative assumption 

Often children make negative assumptions about mom's love and fairness. This video address this attitude.

It's your JOB to raise me 

A common excuse children make or hear their peers make - It was no favor but its just their job to raise me. We turn the question and ask what about YOUR job? 

When I knew she would say no 

We also look at what a mother goes through when she says NO. We also look at what a mother goes through when she says NO. 

Power source of your dua 

A true story, showing us the power of our good actions towards our parents instil in our duas. 

How to convince your parents 

This video talks about the etiquite of asking your parents for 'stuff'. How can children build trust, etc. 

Long term/Short Term 

Children often only think short term, instant gratification. Many examples, including the example of the Prophet(saws) to help children to reflect on the pros and cons of short term and long term thinking.

Can you really risk this? 

What happens when you do get your parents to say YES, for something that is actually bad for you, or worse Haram? What have we done to them? Would Allah be pleased with them?

Your smile and her brain 

This videos helps children realise how deeply impact full can even their smile and rolling eyes can be on their mother. 

No one can hurt her more easily than...

Allah has made her heart gentle as a flower for be careful with you

When she is wrong 

True story of Saad Ibn Waqaas (r.a.a). To help children understand the importance of maintaining humility even if they feel mom is wrong.

Can you really risk this? 

Importance of answering mother's call. 

Where is Uwais?

True story of an inspirational man, who is honored by Allah(swt) for his sacrifices and love for his mother. This story is a great inspiration for children. 

And more!!!

Empower them with knowledge 

Understanding & Empathising with Mother 

Power of Quran and Saheeh Hadith 

Inspirational examples Understanding the status of mother

Dealing with real issues - Calling for actions 

Invest today to give your children the support they desperately need in today's world 

How it will work 

  • Fun, engaging, creative videos to bring the message across to the children 
  • Looking through issues from children's perspective 
  • Online access + DVD Set shipped to you free of cost
  • Especial videos for Teens -Package contains videos dealing with specific teen issues such as arguments over friends, anger, bad assumptions about parents, letting bad assumptions or anger faster in our hearts. What if parents are wrong? Humility towards parents. Answering questions such as - Its their job to raise me.I don't owe them anything... so on 
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  •  Videos will be delivered weekly on the portal 


Don't let your children miss out on this opportunity to come closer to you and earn their paradise. Give them the help they need!

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