Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. 57:16  



I am teaching a FUN ONLINE TAFSIR CRASH COURSE TO AGE 8-13, inspiring them to understand and be empowered by the guidance of Quran in a practical and relatable manner (Not a boring dull manner or abstract concepts which they can't connect with), with a community of Muslim children from around the world inspiring each other to race towards paradise.

You CANNOT COMPROMISE on the Quranic education of your child. Take action and register today if you truly want your child's character shaped by the guidance of Allah into strong confident Muslims who are honored by Allah(SWT) and we don't end up losing our children to the influence of shaitan and his armies


Taught Live By Ariba Farheen, Live Sessions, Safe environment, Practical activities and inspirational lessons, study with world wide students community


We will cover many of the short surahs your kids may already know in detail, so finally they have the ability to reflect on them rather than just recite heedlessly in their salah

  • Surah Dhuha
  • Surah Balad
  • Surah Tariq
  • Surah Layl
  • Surah Fil
  • Surah Zalzalah
  • Surah Ikhlaas
  • Surah Teen
  • Surah Takathur
  • Surah Naas
  • Live sessions will be conducted via live stream

7th May - 3 PM UK Time/10 AM EST/ 6 PM Dubai
14th May - 3 PM UK Time/10 AM EST/ 6 PM Dubai


Here is the time zone converter website:

In case you miss a live session you will be able to catch up via recording and fully participate

  • Plus daily videos covering short surahs
  • Videos to watch during the week
  • Children will also have access to the exclusive Emaan Power website, where they can watch the videos, ask questions, etc during the week.

Are our kids growing up believing ...."Quran is boring"...seeing it as words that hold NO meaning for them?

10 years ago,  I met a little boy, who was sent to the principal’s office for misbehaving in class at a Sunday School.

I asked him "What happened?"

He told me "I was misbehaving"

I asked, "Why?"

He answered.... and this broke my heart and still does.....
as I know this is happening all over the world even today.

He said 
"Quran is boring"


Quran is boring!

How have we managed to make the
greatest book, the most interesting, most powerful book in the world, to be "boring" to children, the ones with the purest hearts!

Why have we not put in the work to make it relatable, practical, and fun for them?

To not just teach them but INSPIRE them to LIVE this message

I do not for second blame this beautiful child, I blame us for
not setting higher standards for our teaching of the Quran.

This is why I decided 10 years ago to dedicate myself to raising the standards of Islamic education to raise strong confident muslims

Alhamdulillah, I feel absolutely blessed to say that I have done so with my students all across the world!

Who not only enjoy but are
inspired to learn and live the message of Quran

Just have a look at some of their beautiful messages of what they learned from Quran in Humble Your Heart tafsir online course

Moreover, they were so inspired that they went on to raise raise  over 11,000 dollars to help their orphaned brothers and sisters!

This is a glimpse of what is possible for your child

What can happen when we invest ourselves to raise the quality of education we are giving them rather than just accepting the low standards and average education.

So no child ever has to say "Quran is boring"

Rather they become the light for others!

You can get a taste of this incredible experience of learning Quran in a powerful way, that inspires you to LIVE the message of Quran not just memorise and recite it.

Are you compromising on your child's Quranic education?

Are they still just reading without NO or LITTLE understanding??
Is this what Allah wanted for your kids?

Truth is no matter how well your kids can recite the Quran, if they don't understand it, they will NEVER be able to live it.

Allah is not going to hold you accountable for not ensuring your child becomes a doctor or engineer. but Allah WILL ask you if you conveyed his message to your children.

Allah tells us " We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention? "   Verse (54:17)         

Is being an average muslim good enough while being an average student unacceptable?

Is Quran less important than Math?  

Of course we want our children to attain great levels of success in dunya and get the best education possible.

But what is a greater duty on you????

What is more pleasing to Allah,
a muslim who recites the Quran melodiously
or one who LIVES the message of Quran?

What is your priority right now ??

Is Quran more complicated than science kids study?  
Or do we just lack the effort to understand and inspire children with it?

When it comes to dunya most parents would NEVER  compromise with them just knowing the "Basics" with just any available teacher?
But how many have compromised with their Quranic education?

What a great cost will we end up paying for this compromise in today's time when they are surrounded by temptations, wars waging around us, greater challenges than decades before ahead of them?

What will they turn to, if we don't teach them to rely on the message of the Quran?  Will they be left weak, alone, confused, desperate for help, low in confidence?

Will they have the right mindset to persevere if they don't understand the  message of Allah and don't make it the advice of Allah their source of strength??

My dearest ,
 I have tears in my eyes as I write this to you, as I am terrified of this future that I know thousands of beautiful muslim children will end up living they were deprived of the education they desperately needed

On the other hand I am extremely hopeful for the future of the few who made the commitment to not compromise!

Those will be the forerunners! Brave heroes of tomorrow!
Powered by the great wisdom and understanding from the greatest book, the Quran!

They will withstand any hardship that comes their way, as they would have the  mental strength, the right mindset, the Quranic mindset!

They WILL be an inspiration, a great source of good for others around the world, as they spread the light of wisdom of Quran in their hearts and act according to it

After 17 years of inspiring thousands of children, seeing the transformation in their character, I am certain that among them, racing ahead, will be Emaan Power students InshaAllah!!!

You don't need to compromise any longer, Alhamdulillah

For 17 years now, I have been mastering the art of INSPIRING children to not  simply learn tafsir, but LOVE and LIVE the message of Quran.

I am pleased to bring back with Humble Your Heart Crash course version

YOU can save your children from growing up deprived of the nourishment their soul needs most, the guidance from the words of Allah(swt), the power and comfort of his words

What will your child gain?

  • Finally give your children an in-depth understanding of many of the short surahs of Juzz Amma, going beyond simple translation or reading Arabic without understanding and into powerful content with the message of Allah, designed for especially children, delivered a way to inspire and motivate them into action.
  • Is there anything more powerful and important than the Quranic education of your child? Is there anything more powerful to help them be a successful human? YOU CANNOT COMPROMISE. This compromise means compromising their deen and dunya. I, along with my team, have done months of research and taught tafsir for over 10 years to children around the world. Your child will benefit from this expertise, experience, and years of work focused on children.
  • Learning the thematic tafsir of these surahs will help your children immensely improve the quality of their prayer and be reminded by the words of Allah with every prayer. Can you even imagine how much impact this can have on their character?
  • Engaging activities help children build a deeper connection with the Quran and start applying its message.
  • Unlike any other tafsir available either for adults dealing with their issues, these lessons are focused on children, their everyday issues, and help them connect with it and succeed through its message
  • Your child will be taught in a very relatable manner, so they can relate with the words and advice of Allah(swt), making it super easy for them to absorb it in their hearts.
  • Benefit from the powerful words of Allah(swt). Words of wisdom and strength that are far more powerful than anything you can ever say to your children. 
  • One of the feedbacks I have constantly received from parents is how much they themselves learned. This includes parents who are teachers/ustadhas, in their communities. This is because the message is not the usual "simplistic" "surface level" that is repeatedly taught to children; however, I have done the research from the books of Hadith and Arabic grammar and worked to present it in a way that children can both relate with and understand with ease.
  • Fun - Engaging - Interactive classes conducted in small groups of children from across the world. 
  • Inspirational and powerful content to motivate children into action rather than pushing them to rules.

Just a few of the many concepts your kids will learn

- The happiness formula that Allah swt revealed to his Prophet(saws) at one of the most difficult times of his family

- Allah's advice about time and what are the only 3 ways to ensure we do not end up losing it all

- Be able to apply the Quranic mindset to turn any hardship, any challenge into your strength and an advantage

- Be able to use any challenge to rise as Hero in your life story

- Become much more grateful towards Allah swt and lose the whiny and complaining attitude

- Not just talk about gratitude but through gratitude challenge kids will practice gratitude daily right now!






Weekly interactive live classes (face to face) in mini groups + Weekly videos


I am confident that your children will benefit from the course and enjoy it, but if for some reason it doesn't work out. Then within the first week of the course, I will give you full refund. So there is no risk for you at all , only khair/good and benefit for your children!






Alhamdulillah , I'm so pleased to embarked on this journey with sister Ariba. This course has impacted my daughter on various levels, on how to contribute as an individual , as a family member and also be instrumental in improving society. The highlight being the Dawah project, in shaa Allah we intend to continue on that path. Subhan Allah , sister Ariba managed to educate and instill values in our children while all along they were having fun. My daughter really used to look forward to those weekly session, and she really misses them now. In shaa Allah we hope to get on a new journey with you sister. May Allah swt reward you in deen duniya and aakhirah , Aameen. JazakiAllah khairun 

Sameena, USA

“My daughter enjoyed attending the course. She didn't want to miss any class and asking me to register for other courses. Now she started comparing Islam with other religions and realised how Islam is best religion. She is offering her prayers with sunnah and try to follow as many sunnah as possible.”


She now is even more enthusiastic to follow more Sunnahs.


“Emaan Power is an amazing concept! To be able to interact, learn and share with other students worldwide from your own home made the course so accessible. This course has been hugely beneficial for my son who is now Addicted to Emaan Power and eagerly awaiting the next course ( an Addiction I have no complaints about :-)”

Sajida, Scotland 

“I find it beneficial because rather than simply a classroom academic setting, it is an application of the things that they have learned"

Rozita, Australia

“We have done a number of the Emaan Power courses and the boys have enjoyed all of them Alhamdulillah. The courses are interesting, relevant and fun. The courses provide kids the opportunity take on projects within their communities to benefit the ummah at large.”

Sohret, Australia

“I was first worried if my daughter will sit through and pay attention to sister Areeba. I was very happy that my daughter actually enjoyed it. She learned and implemented many things thought in class. She looked foreword it every week.”

Samia, Hong Kong

“I really recommend this course for other children to learn about self appreciation and leadership” 

Nada, USA

“This is the second course my son has taken with Eman Power. It's surely is Eman boosting, & to learn in a new & easy way! I recommend all parents to sign up with Eman Power. I personally feel you should consider doing adult classes too, as I've also benefited from the course along with my son Jazzak'Allah'Khair for sharing your knowledge on Islam.”

Rubi, UK

The Muslim ummah is at a time when each mother is responsible for empowering their child to be a confident Muslim who is not only proud to be a Muslim but also is proud to tell others about Islam. I have tried to look for ways to give my children this confidence and Alhmaduli Allah I have found it with emaan power classes. Specially the seerah course planted the seed of love and pride my kids' hearts and introduced them to the world of dawa. I see them as little daees excited to tell others about their wonderful role model, their prophet Muhammad(SAWS). May Allah(SWT) reward sister Ariba for all her efforts and for knowing how to connect with kids and making the classes fun so that my kids look forward to it and remind me about the upcoming classes.

Huma, USA

This course, was really an eye opening for me as I never thought about how my girls could do dawa. But this course taught me that no child is young for dawa and you gave us plenty of ideas may Allah increase your knowledge and make it for you sadaqatul jaria

Nasra, UK

“My children have benefitted greatly from the course as they have a new love for our beloved Prophet SAWS and quote his life in various events. I am sure everyone who takes this course will take away something good from it.”

Iffat, UK

“Great experience, very engaging and opens up kids thinking process and problem solving. Very safe and friendly atmosphere

Umm Moneerah, USA

“I found this to be one of the most exciting religious thing we did for our kids, they had good time, they were motivated to attend the classes and participate in the activities.”

Khan Family, Bermuda

“Alhumdulillah it was a great experience for my daughter. She learnt a lot about the Prophet pbuh and has become more aware of the sunnah. It was a fun and fantastic course, which we recommend to all. It is an investment that is profitable for your akirah.”

Usma, UK

“Jazak Allah khair n kaseer sister! This course is so beneficial not to only one member of my family who took it but we are all heading towards a good start for applying sunnah in our daily lives,which is a big success. Thanks to you!!”

Ayisha, Canada

It has made her want to do things she hasn't done before. She was really enthusiastic and excited. Sunnah competition helped her do more of the sunnah and I hope she continues to do as much as she can. Dawah project made her feel more confident about herself socially.

Nausheen, Canada

“My daughter had lovely time with kids around the world and off course with miss Areeba. Such lovely way to teach kids about our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). The knowledge she shared with us both my girls and I learnt a lot from it. My daughter is showing more patience and is more forgiving to her siblings. She is also she listening to me more alhumduillah. May Allah reward sister for designing a fantastic course. I wish all the kids do this course, as this was amazing for my kids. My kids even went to next door neighbour and help them clean their home mash Allah. This course made the kids love prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) more, and eager to follow the sunnha”

Nafeesa, UK

“It was an amazing course kids learned a lot and projects were like icing on the cake especially last homework in which kids made scrape books presentations and lovely animation videos That helped them reminding all of the lesson and what did they learn from it Jzk”


“In today's smart world, it's really challenging to involve our kids in a positive activity unless it's been designed in an interesting way. Kudos to Ariba for making this course really lively and exciting for my daughter who is not an easy to please child. She was thoroughly involved and thrilled to have live class. I also liked the project, scrapbooks and community work that gave her real knowledge of the issues and how Islam helps us handle these. Thus she was able to establish the link between the two. I would highly recommend this course to other kids. I really appreciate the effort and hard work of Ariba in a field that is totally ignored by muslim scholars. Well done and jazak Allah khair”


“I thought this course is good, but I found it is better than what I could imagine. My son seemed enjoy and kept searching about Rasulullah SAW's life more and more. Alhamdulillah” 

Purwanti, New Zealand

“We all found the Emaan Power course to be an inspiring and motivating initiative! May Allah reward all those involved in some way. I especially liked the idea of children from all over the world meeting and working together and learning about Islam in a very proactive and practical way.” 


“This class was a really good step in my sons knowledge and Ariba was very patient with trying to get him involved although it was quite challenging due to my sons learning difficulties as it would with any program I'm really pleased my son attended masha'Allah”

Aisha, Australia

“This has been amazing experience for myself and the girls. They loved every minute of it. They are helping out more counting their Sunnahs. Can't wait for the next course.”


This is a brilliant course, my son has learned alot about our prophet。Every week my son was so eager to join the class, as it was interactive and Ariba is a great teacher, making the class fun and enjoyable. The Sunnah competion and daawa project really motivates the children to do some thing practical but at the same time increases their love for the prophet. Thank you Ariba for running this course, we will look forward to future courses. 

Farina, UK

“This course have done a great job in inspiring the kids to be more active and feel proud to be a Muslim as well as take the responsibility to show others how to achieve a higher goal in life rather than being just an ordinary Muslim & wasting time not being productive . May Allah reward you and all the team working to achieve this goal Ameen”

Sabera, Qatar

“Now he wants to learn more and more abt rasool Allah. Previously being away from our Islamic roots he wasn't in touch with Islam. It would perhaps be more honest to say that didn't know about rasool Allah. Now he has a lot more knowledge Masha Allah. I am the happiest Mother in the world to see him watching and enjoying the company and live conversations. I pray from heart for u and ur team keep it up” 

Umm Abdul Basit, Singapore

“Jazakallah khair miss Ariba. You doing a amazing job may Allah reward you for all your hard work. Maham enjoyed the course and made new friends. She became more closer to Allah swt after this course in fact we all learnt all a lot. I did this is the must do course for all the kids. As sister Arabia made it so interesting for kids to learn and enjoy at the same time. Maham did lot of course with her I can see a big change in her toward her relationship with Allah swt and with her siblings, she is a lot more closer to them and very kind masha Allah.” 

Umm Maham

This course has been very engaging for my children as I wouldn’t need to remind them of the class everyweek. They would make sure to do all videos during week and the best thing I noticed my son actually carrying ants delicately unlike before he would just crush them. Alhamdulilah, I found the content and the teaching style of sister Ariba very friendly and funny and kids just want that.May Allah grant her success in both worlds.ameen!! The course was totally worth it alhamdulilah!!! 


“MashAllah! Allah has blessed Ariba with this talent of sparking passion in our young generation to recognize and love Allah. My kids have benefitted tremendously from her courses and videos. They're always eager to log in and attend the classes, even though they were early in the mornings on the weekend! The projects and assignments encouraged the kids to take community work seriously, alhamdulillah. MashaAllah she made the classes and the projects super fun and relatable. My family is very grateful for the opportunity my kids had to be inspired by Ariba! “ 

Mamuna, USA

Alhamdulillah Emaan Power is like finding a lost treasure for my kids! I never came across anything as interactive & informative as this course!! Looking forward to much more learning for kids in the future inshaAllah. 

Fareeha, Canada

“This course has changed the way my daughter thinks about prophet Mohammed s.a.w and has made her very close to him.It has been a very beneficial experience for her.”