A powerful inspirational book for children to motivate them to establish salah & take responsibility for their salah

Page count: 201 Age group : 8 to 15  

Parents can read to kids younger than 8 and assist them in understanding


Allah(swt) has made you responsible to help your children establish salah. 

This is a book that your child MUST read, if you want to stop pushing them to pray but see them loving their salah and if you want them to run to their salah not rush in it,

Do you believe that salah is the key to the success of your child? Do you believe that salah will protect them from the harms of this world and influences of evil? Do your children go to their salah eagerly or do you end up pushing them to do their salah? Do they take responsibility of their prayer or pray only to get it over with? 

This book will help your children 

- Love their salah, their meeting with their Rabb - Motivate them to take responsibility of their own salah - Inspire them to pray on time, without delay, without needing constant reminders - Understand the powerful benefits that our salah brings in our life - Be inspired by the stories of companions and the Prophet Muhammad(saws) Unlike the multitude of “how we pray” books or books with just some “simple” lines about why we should, rather filled with over 200 pages of 

  • - Examples that children today can relate 
  • - Stories that they can identify with
  • - In depth knowledge about salah, told in a fun and engaging manner 
  • - Analogies that will help them understand deep concepts about the power of salah that Quran and sunnah teach us 
  • - Ayahs of the Quran which remind us about salah and its significance, explained in a way your child can understand. So your child can be inspired by the powerful words of Allah(swt) 
  • - Several hadiths about salah explained through brilliantly crafted analogies, stories and examples, so your children can be motivated by the example and advice of RasulAllah(saws)

Too many children do their salah only because their parents told them to, not because they want to please Allah(swt) They see their prayer as a burden that they want to get over and done with, As one mom once told me praying is like gymnastics for him If they could skip, they would Some even lie to their parents to get away with not praying. They don’t see salah as a gift Allah(swt) blessed them with, the way to their success


Have you talked to them about the ayahs and the hadith which explain to us the power of salah? Or simply ordered them to pray? Ofcourse you must remind them to pray, that is the responsibility Allah(swt) has given you. But is just the reminder enough?

In today's times, if we truly want our children to fight strong temptations of the devices, computers, games, sleep, to come and do their salah, then we have to do better to educate them about the power of salah 

Motivation comes from knowing the “WHY” Why am I doing it? How will it help me? Why do we have to pray? Why do we have to wake up so early for fajr? Why pray everyday?  

This book will give all these answers to your children and much more 

It will empower them with knowledge to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the incredible benefit salah has for them 

So they are not simply praying because “you told them to” but because they Love their salah, and KNOW they why need their salah, their connection with Allah(swt)  

This content rich book is written to motivate, engage your children, grab their attention, with interesting analogies, and relatable examples 

If you have ever searched for resources for this topic for your children, you already know that this is a unique book. 

This is the book you NEEDED for your children, and now Alhamdulillah, this is in front of you. 

This is the investment you need to make for you’re the success of your children in this dunya and akhira 

What is this knowledge, this benefit for your child worth for you? 

What would be the cost of not giving it to them and seeing them grow up looking at their salah as a burden for them….

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