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Empowering together young Muslims to live at their best potential, inspiring them to become a light for the Ummah"

SPREADING the LOVE for ALLAH while earning HALAL INCOME for yourself...it's now POSSIBLE!

Have you ever had the thought that you are not doing enough to please Allah SWT? Sometimes you wish you could do much more to thank Him for all the favors and blessings He has bestowed on you...

We have an amazing opportunity for you to fulfill this blessed wish!

You can now be part of our mission to inspire young Muslims to get closer to Allah and support all your friends and mothers in your community who need help to motivate their kids to be strong and confident Muslims.

You will be able to serve Allah in one of the most beautiful ways...helping His Ummah to discover and strengthen their love for Him!

Becoming an Emaan Power Barakah Leaders will earn you good deeds and infinite rewards, your heart will be fulfilled and in peace knowing you are doing your best to serve Allah SWT, and on top of this, you will even be able to earn a great halal income for yourself, alhamdulillah!

We are looking for the right candidates!


Who is an Barakah Leaders?

Someone who loves Allah (SWT) and loves to help others

This is the most important requisite we look for in our Barakah Leaders. We are looking for women who loves Allah and are committed to put their efforts to inspire the hearts of young Muslims with His words and teachings.

Has a circle of friends to inspire

Someone who has a good network of friends, or maybe is a teacher at an islamic school or halaqa group, or simply someone who has a facebook or instagram page, whatsApp group, or blog.

Anyone who knows a group of mothers who can benefit from our inspiring educational Islamic resources that have already positively impacted more than 100.000 muslim kids around the world.

Dreams of making a difference

We are looking for women who wants to use their talents to leave a real difference and make a positive impact in the lives of our young Muslim generation.

Creative, Committed and Consistent

We are looking for women who share our vision for the future of our young Muslims, who are highly committed to be a part of it and are consistent on their goals. A good amount of creativity and passion will be a great advantage :)

What do I need to be eligible?

You don't need any special sales or marketing skills, you don't have to be a business owner or have a business degree, you don't even need to be a good English speaker!

All you need is the passion to help Muslim children and the ability to network and reach out to your friends and others in your community.

How does it work?

It's very simple! All you need to do is to share and promote Emaan Power courses and educational resources to your friends and community.

You will get paid a commission for every order done through you.

If done with professionality, high commitment, and enthusiasm it can bring you a great extra monthly income for you and your family!

The amount of money you will receive will depend on the level of commitment and time you will dedicate to it. Higher commitment, higher pay!

Let's talk numbers :) Here is just a simple example for you to understand how the commissions work...

Imagine you have 20% commission, if a friend of yours buys one of our educational programs for $100 you will get $20, if 10 people buy it you will get $200, 20...$400, 40...$800

(*This is just a general example, commissions for each Barakah Leaders will be assigned after the application, also...we have different resources like live courses and classes, different recorded programs, and resources with higher prices that will grant you a greater earning potential!)

Nowadays with social media, WhatsApp, and emails, spreading the news to your friends, the friends of your friends, and to your community will make it possible for you to reach hundreds of people by just sending and sharing content from a phone or laptop...the earning potential is extraordinary!

You can share our promotional content on your social media platform if you have one, or simply share it and talk about it to your Whatsapp contacts. You could organize get-togethers in the comfort of your home or at your mosque to introduce people to Emaan Power showing our Islamic educational and inspirational videos.

Our team will support you by providing you with all the promotional content, resources, tips, and ideas to make this journey successful for you.

We will create a dedicated Barakah Leaders link for you. People will be able to buy our courses and resources through this link and you will be able to track your sales and commissions through it.

We will take care of customer support, delivery, website creation, and order processing, you don't have to worry about all of this!

You can just focus on sharing our message and enjoy your commissions!


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These are just a few of the many amazing testimonials from the parents of our pats students, alhamdulillah!

MashaAllah! Allah has blessed Ariba with the talent of sparking passion in our young generation to recognize and love Allah.

My kids have benefitted tremendously from Emaan power courses and videos. They are more aware and conscious of Allah. Making the world a better place is something they are constantly discussing now :)

— Manuma, Canada

"Emaan Power has built my son's confidence in Islam"

- Purwanti, New Zealand

"Emaan power is a way to learn islam in a new and easy way. I recommend it to all the parents"

- Rubi, UK

"Emaan Power is like finding a lost treasure for my kids! I never came across anything as interactive and informative like this."

— Fareha, Canada

"Emaan Power is an amazing concept! To be able to interact, learn and share with other students worldwide from the comfort of your home, made the course so accessible. The courses have been hugely beneficial for my son. "

- Sajida, UK

"My son has started to pray more regularly and tries to incorporate more sunnah in his daily life. Well done Ariba and thank you”

- Farah

"I find it beneficial because rather than simply a classroom academic setting, it is an application of the things that they have learned"

- Rozita, Australia

“In today's smart world, it's really challenging to involve our kids in a positive activity unless it's been designed in an interesting way. Kudos to Ariba for making this course really lively and exciting for my daughter who is not an easy to please child. She was thoroughly involved and thrilled to have live class. I also liked the project, scrapbooks and community work that gave her real knowledge of the issues and how Islam helps us handle these. Thus she was able to establish the link between the two. I would highly recommend it to other kids. I really appreciate the effort and hard work of Ariba in a field that is totally ignored by Muslim scholars. Well done and jazak Allah khair”

— Aisha, Australia

Here are some inspiring projects done by our students, MashaAllah!

Hanan & her friends - Germany

They raised funds from selling homemade sweets, cupcakes and hand crafted bookmarks.

Dawah Emaan power

Omar (12), Ayub (9), Hazem (8) - Australia

The boys made their own flyers. They wrote ahadeeth regarding backbiting, swearing and cleanliness and they distributed to people with biscuits in a park.

dawah emaan power

Hadi (10)  - Dubai

Made ahadeeth, put cookies in a bag and distributed to his neighbors to give them da’wah..

Dawah Emaan Power

Haleema (9)  - UK

Distributed gifts with sunnahs attached to it to her neighbors.

Dawah emaan power

Raafay (14)  - USA

Participated in a homeless feeding event where they made food and then distributed it in Downtown Houston to the homeless

Dawah Emaan Power

Mehru (10) & Minaal (8)  - USA

Distributed cupcakes with Sunnahs attached with them at their local masjid

Dawah Emaan Power

Huda (12)  - Ireland

Went around their neighborhood dropping cards and bookmarks with ahadeeth on them


She wanted to benefit all the people in her neighborhood by telling them the message of Islam. She did so by delivering pamphlets to her neighbors mail boxes.

Dawah emaan power

Muhammed (11) - Australia

Raised money for the bushfires by himself baking and selling at his local masjid.

Dawah emaan power

Mehreen (8) - Bahrain

Made cards with various sunnahs and reminded many people in doctors’ offices about the sunnahs of RasulAllah (saws)

dawah Emaan Power

Sameeha (11)

Set-up a booth together with her friends. Distributed brochures about Islam and talk about it to non-Muslims.

Dawah Emaan Power

Jamal (12)  - Australia

Sold yummy goodies to raise charity funds for Afghanistan

Dawah Emaan Power

Hadi (9)  - Ireland

Made cupcakes with ahadeeth and distributed in his class sharing messages of kindness, love and respect

Dawah Emaan Power

Zunaira (13)  - Dubai

She worked to earn money and purchased Qur’an with her earnings. Then, distributed the Qur’an for free.

Emaan Power Students water well fundraising project in Somalia

Join our mission to inspire Muslim children around the world!


Every day we receive messages of help from mothers who are seeing their kids slowly drifting away from Islam. They are worried about their faith and their future. They wish they could help their kids develop a stronger bond with Allah, they wish they could see them grow into strong and confident Muslims, but the world we are living in is contaminating their hearts, and it's slowly taking them away from the right path. It's a sad reality that many Muslim families are experiencing but we don't want to lose hope! That's exactly why Emaan Power was created, to bring the light of hope and love for Allah in the hearts of our young generations, supporting them and inspiring them to stay on the right path.

For the past 10 years, we have been helping more than 100.000 Muslim kids around the world discover their love for Allah and His messenger (saws). Our mission is to illuminate the heart of every young Muslim with this love, helping them be strong against the temptations and negative influence that are trying to push them away from it, regaining confidence and power as Muslims.

Through Emaan Power thousands of hearts have been able to taste the sweetness of this love, thousands of families have found the support they needed for their kids in our courses, in our community, and in our learning resources, ALHAMDULILLAH!

There are still thousands of families out there in need of this support and that's why Emaan Power Barakah Leaders are so important, because the more we are the more families we can help, the more we are the more hearts we can inspire.

Together we can help create a better future for our kids, not just for their dunya but also for their akhira!

ambassadors emaan power

Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother.”

- Prophet Muhammed (saws)

Become A Barakah Leader

Do you want to join us in our mission to inspire Muslim children around the world to become strong and confident Muslims who carry in their heart a deep love and understanding of Islam?

"We can't wait to start this journey with you!"

- Emaan Power Team

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